A picture emerges


In many conversations with acquaintances, friends and other people interestet in painting, I have repeatedly found there are different opinions adbout how a painting is developed.

Many people believe that each individual object is painted before the next object is started. There is also the erroneous belief that one colour at a time is painted in the picture before the next colour is Used.

These are quite common techniques which could be used to painta picture, I di not use them. The depth of the image is lost, as wall as the shading, reflection and other important effects.

To show once how my paintings are developed I have documented one in four variuos stages of development. This will show zhe emergence of the painting "Heiße Mädchen " ("Hot Girls").



Step 1

This is always the drafting of the theme on the canvas. I do not have a picture of this because the pencil lines are very light and thin. They are very hard to see in a photo.


 Step 2

Here the background come to existence. Even the details will be finished at the end of the painting.

 Step 3

In this part, the pain theme come to existence. Useful is the technique "bach to front". I Start with the farest part of the picture.

Step 4

Following the middle view starts the foreground. Using this technique gine the perspective, shades and reflections as told in the introduction

It gives pictures a sort of 3D Dimenstion.

This is the cute Esmeralda